Liposuction: Neck

A sharp jaw line and well defined neck-chin angle are the hallmarks of a youthful neck. Fat deposits underneath the chin (turkey neck or wattle) and along the side of the jaw (jowling) give a tired, heavy, aged appearance. With a small incision underneath the chin, liposuction can permanently remove the fat. The skin will shrink down (in many instances without the need of a neck lift) to give a more youthful, well rested appearance.

Laser liposuction insures quick recovery and a fast return to family, work and social activities. To be specific, a small, supportive and adhesive foam strip is worn following the surgery and for 36-48 hours afterwards and is then removed.

The recuperation from an old school or "tumescent" neck liposuction often requires the patient to wear a chin strap ("jaw bra") 24/7 for two weeks immediately following the surgery, followed by night time wear (8 hrs.) for another two weeks.

Liposuction of the neck by matthew galumbeck, MD virginia beach

Audio link to explain neck liposuction is placed here.