Many women are concerned that their breasts are too small for their body, and say that they are embarrassed because of their breast size. They have difficulty finding clothes that fit properly. For many women, Breast Augmentation Surgery with Breast Implants is a wonderful way to look your best, boost confidence and feel great about your body. Breast augmentation increases the fullness of the breast and is an integral component of mommy makeovers as well as cosmetic breast surgery after weight loss.

Breast augmentation offers women a way to improve their shape. A variety of options with today’s breast implants are available that will give you a natural appearance without an operated look.

Implant Options Include:


Breast Implant size at Galumbeck Plastic Surgery

Implants range from 100cc to 900cc


Silicone Breast Implants Shape Virginia Beach


Breast implants can be round or sloping


breast implants for Breast Aug filled with saline or siliconementation

Breast Implants can be filled with Saline or Cohesive Gel



Breast implants can have low, moderate or high profiles

Using these options for breast augmentation, Dr. Galumbeck can customize the look, shape and feel the patient desires.

Breast Implants- Our Consultation Process

Women from all over Hampton Roads consult with Dr. Galumbeck in his Virginia Beach accredited plastic surgery facility.

Starting with the initial consultation, Dr. Galumbeck examines the patient carefully, assessing chest size, shape and symmetry.

He makes suggestions for the location of the incision for the implant

breast implant incisions

Incisions can be made in the armpit, around the bottom of the nipple, or underneath the breast.

He makes suggestions for the location of the placement for the implant

breasst implants can go over the muscle or under the muscle

Breast implants can go over the muscle or under the muscle

Integrating all of these options, Dr. Galumbeck customizes each breast enlargement procedure to create a natural-looking result for each patient.

Breast Augmentation Procedure

Thanks to better technology and refined surgical techniques, Virginia Beach breast augmentation at Galumbeck Plastic Surgery can deliver a very natural and satisfying result. Dr. Galumbeck is especially skilled in performing augmentation in conjunction with a breast lift or other body contouring procedures.
The procedure is performed in the privacy and comfort of our fully accredited on-site operating suite.


The Endoscope

breast implant endoscope


By utilizing new techniques such as endoscopic assistance, Dr. Galumbeck is able to make smaller incisions, and shorten the length of the procedure (breast augmentation takes about one hour).
Dr. Galumbeck also uses the Keller Funnel™ for breast augmentation procedures involving silicone gel implants. The Keller Funnel™ offers a no-touch delivery technique.


Patients are able to return home about one hour after the breast implant procedure. Most patients return to work and social activities in just a day or two.

Note: Pages devoted to procedures contain photographs of patients, before and after some of the procedures offered. These photographs may be appropriate for adult viewers only.

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